Are You Ready for Our 2nd Vintage Baby Fashion Show??? Well, here it is "GIRLS DAY OUT"!!

"Curby's Closet" very excitedly presents our 2nd Vintage Baby Fashion Show. This fashion show is so unique and features "one of a kind" vintage baby dresses and sundresses that you will not find anywhere else. How cool is that? These adorable little dresses are very ECO FRIENDLY and have been made by re-using and re-purposing the top portion of vintage baby slips and dresses and the beautiful and very usable parts of vintage tablecloths. We don't let a stain or hole or a little damage to a piece of clothing discourage us from saving the wonderful, lovely and usable parts. They are embellished with vintage buttons and/or hankies. There are so many creative, useful and fresh new ways of preserving these items and not adding to land fills, bins and clutter. The unique pattern and dress designs are exclusive to "Curby's Closet" and we are proud and thrilled to share them with you. We used many of our same adorable models from our Youtube "Through the Garden Gate" video. These little girls are so cute and sweet! Your just gonna love them! You will find all these dresses for sale for a very reasonable price on our ETSY site at (or click on the etsy widget to the right) Thanks for taking a look... thanks for going vintage... thanks for thinking Green... thanks for choosing "Curby's Closet"!! Get ready to Smile... cuz your gonna enjoy these next few minutes!!