"Mammalicious Finds" Features "Curby's Closet" Baby Shoes Come take a Look!!

What a thrill it was for me today to see "Curby's Closet" and our little quilted baby shoes featured on "Mammalicious Finds"!!! "Mammalicious Finds" is a wonderful site where they feature and review new finds for Moms and for their children. They review and show new things every day. "Mammalicious Finds" is the creative talent of Amy and Shara. They have a terrific variety... everything from "Diapering" to "Room Decor." They also have TONS of "GIVEAWAYS"!!! It is really a fun place to spend some time and look around. Add them to your favs and check back often cuz there's always something NEW!! So, click on the link and go to "Mammalicious Finds" and take a look. Amy took the sweetest pics of the "Curby's Closet" baby shoes. If you like them head on over to my etsy store and buy a pair. I promise they make the cutest gift for a baby girl!! www.mammaliciousfinds.blogspot.com/