My First Ever "SILVER BELLA" Press Kits!!

I am so excited to have my "Silver Bella" press kits finished and mailed off to Sadie of "Lollishops" fame!! I am told that Silver Bella is an amazing once a year huge craft show. It's the ticket EVERYBODY wants or wishes to have right now. I believe that the guest speaker this year is Mary Engelbreit. Pretty cool huh? I would love to meet her. Anyway, I was one of 50 vendors to be able to make 10 press kits for Sadie to give out at Silver Bella to promote "Lollishops" and the 50 vendors!! I thought that this was a wonderful opportunity and was so happy to be a part of it. I included my original design, vintage style quilted baby shoes for each kit and then added "Curby's Closet" magnets, some vintage lace and a photo card showing samples of "Curby's Closet" vintage baby clothes. They were fun to make and I thought that you might like to take a peek!!! I wish I knew which 10 people will be getting mine. Hmmm maybe I will!! Would you want one?

Remember: "LOLLISHOPS" will be opening in Nov. so mark your calendars and check back here at "Curby's Closet" for the Grand Opening date!! It will be a fantastic shopping experience and your gonna love it!!