Need A Table Scape for Halloween? How About "SHABBY SHRIEK"??

I know Halloween is almost here, but trust me there's still time to pull of an adorable yet spooky table scape for your Halloween dinner. Many of the items I used, you may already have in your home or from past Halloween parties. Start by thinking roses and skulls!! "What did you say...are you crazy??" Don't knock it till you see it. It's pretty festive and I call it "Shabby Shriek". Take a look below for creative ideas. Turn an ordinary black plastic cauldron into a breathtaking shabby centerpiece using lovely fall flowers (even add violet roses!), or try setting your table using spooky black coffins and skulls, or for the garden lover plant a little pansy in a tiny tin jello mold painted black. Now, these may not be your typical decorations, but they are sure to delight your family or guests and they will add the perfect balance for the woman who wants to decorate for Halloween, but keep that Shabby Chic (Ooops!! I mean Shriek) flair!! So.... what do your think?

Well, I hope that you saw something that got your creative ideas flowing!! If so, then head off to the Party Shop. Target, or the florist and start creating!! You'd better hurry tho, no time to waste!! Be sure to have fun and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!