A Plug for My Favorite Badges, Buttons and Widgets

I am still fairly new to this blogging world, but I am getting much more familiar with how things work by joining groups and forums that are interesting to me or who reflect "my kind of style". So, I would like to share with you some of my favorites and why. I sell some of my vintage baby clothes on ETSY and have for several months now. And through some other vendors there, got introduced to "ETSY COTTAGE STYLE". It's a terrific group and if you love Shabby Chic or that Cottage style... this is the place for you! The next group I joined was "VINTAGE PULSE" a informative place to meet and converse with vintage minded people. We sell vintage, wear vintage, make vintage items, shop at vintage places, etc. it's really awesome and very useful. (Eco friendly too!) Next, I put "Curby's Closet" on "COTTAGE FRIENDS EMPORIUM" a place where cottage minded people sell their items and designs. A great way to find more of US out there. Then I joined "LOLLISHOPS" and "LOLLISHOPS GUILD". "LOLLISHOPS" is not quite open yet... but you're gonna want to check it out when it does! (I'll keep you posted) "LOLLISHOPS GUILD" is for those who are vendors, ready to talk shop and who love everything darling, pretty and Sweet! Another group I've joined is "MARMALADE PINK" a little more for the business side of selling and very worthwhile. And last but certainly not least... I joined the forum of "MAKE MINE PINK" a wonderful network of gals who support and befriend you in the most inviting and comforting way. Perfect for chats, info. networking and of course shopping!! You'll have to check out their very shabby, cottage style boutique stores. I truly have enjoyed and learned a great deal from each one and I just wanted to share my take on them with you. If you sell or buy Shabby Chic, Cottage, Vintage or love Pink!! Click on the button, badge or widgets on the right side of this blog and take a look. Leave yourself plenty of time, cuz there's lots too see!!! Let me know which one "floats your boat"!!