Quilters Buzz/Curby's Closet Announce Shopping Spree Winners!!

We tried to pick the best 2 recycling entries, but it was so hard because so many of them were really innovative and creative. You gals have wonderful suggestions for reusing and recycling fabric, clothing, even "warm and natural" batting. It was so hard that we just ended up putting them all in a dish and drawing them out. I had my husband do it so it would be totally fair. Take a look at the pictures below and see the process unfold. OK now, big drum roll please!!
All the entries are inside the bowl...
Winner #1 is about to be chosen. Who will it be?
Choosing Winner #2 The tension mounts!
And the winner is Cindi, CONGRATULATIONS!! Each of you lucky gals have won a 20$ shopping spree in my etsy shop. Please email me for further instructions at chris@curbyscloset.com. Feel free to take a look by useing the etsy link on the right. This was a really fun and informative "Give away" if you would like to see the ideas given for this contest. Head on over to "Quilters Buzz" and read them for yourself and then try to use one or two of their ideas in your life. Come on it's always fun to try new things!! A BIG HUGE "THANK YOU" to Gina Halladay for hosting this Give Away on her blog! She is AWESOME!! www.quiltersbuzz.com Look for future Fun Giveaways here at "Curby's Closet" we've got some terrific ones in store!!