Step Aside Ann Geddes the "Flower Bed Babies" Are Here!!

Awh! Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer have come to an end. They go so fast don't they? To salute the summer of 2008, we are so delighted to present Curby's Closet's "FLOWER BED BABIES". All the models who participated in the Curby's Closet Vintage Baby Fashion Shows this past summer are featured in this adorable (Ann Geddes inspired) garden video. I think if Ann Geddes saw this video even SHE would be impressed. I promise you will find it ever so sweet and adorable!! I got the inspiration for this video from my wonderful husband who built me this very unique and darling flower bed from an old youth bed headboard and foot board. I painted it and my 2 awesome sons filled it with flowers. (It was actually my Mother's Day gift this year. Pretty cool huh?) It is quite the conversation piece in our backyard. And I thought that it would be perfect for our babies! If you love gardens, flowers, cute babies and the Beatles ("Good day Sunshine" is featured in the background music) then you are going to absolutely go NUTS over this video. Enjoy it, share it, send it to Ann Geddes!! (Just kidding! Well, unless you really want to) SPECIAL THANKS: A really big THANK YOU to all my beautiful babies and their wonderful mothers, grandmothers and aunts who were so wonderful to work with on all of the Youtube videos. You are Fantastic!! And a HUGE THANK YOU to my son Brett who is so talented and amazing!! There would be no "Curby's Closet website, blog, or fashion show videos without him... he did it all!!